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2007 XC-Open Carpinteria

Competition results  
pdfOpen Class 1 Shorokhov, Nikolay - Gin Boomerang 5 (RUS)
  2 Secco, Everton - Gin Boomerang 4 (BRA)
  3 Christiansen, Mike - Gin Boomerang 5 (CHL)
pdfWomen Sigida, Adelaida - Gradient Aspen2 (RUS) 
pdfSerial Class Church, Matthew  - Ozone Mantra 2 (GBR)
pdfMasters Shorokhov, Nikolay - Gin Boomerang 5 (RUS) 


Saturday, 01-December-2007 - day 8    

December 1st, last competition day of the 2007 XC-Open World Series

10:00. Today is our last competition day, tonight there was a cold front passing through and we are waiting for a decision to go up the mountain. It looks like there will be a task today.

14:00. The window is open for a task of about 60km to the north and then Open Distance to the south.

20:00. Only a few pilots are back in the Head Quarter of the competition. To come back after the turnpoint against the wind certainly was difficult. The launchable window was short again today. Only about 30 min. The usual easterly wind was coming through at launch again. Nikolay Shorokov was leading the field, just has not been picked up yet after his safe landing.

Nikolay Shorokov RU was winning the day with a 100km flight and also winning the Carpinteria XC-Open competition.

The day started with a thunderstorm in front of launch, that finally passed by, so that the window could be opened at 14:00 for a race to a turnpoint 70km north. The quality of the day improved more and more. The leading pilots reached the turnpoint and flew a few km back.

Thanks to Rafa Lopez and Oreja Rodriguez our Argentinian friends and local organizers of the Carpinteria XC-Open, we had a day with happy pilots and a big prize giving ceremony in the evening.

Friday, 30-November-2007 - day 7    

The task was cancelled.

There was not enough time during the start window from 11:45 - 15:00 when the conditions were launchable.

5 pilots managed to take off in the very short periods, where take off was possible. Three landed, Klaus-Guenter Eberle and Matthew Church continued to try to fly their personal best.
Over the flatlands the conditions looked great again, with a convergence line that set up from horizon to horizon about 5 km west of of the mountain chain.
We still hope for easier launch conditions to get a valid task tomorrow Dec. 1st, the final day of the 2007 XC-Open World Series.

Thursday, 29-November-2007 - day 6    

Bad luck, again tail wind on takeoff all day.

It was less windy but still from that wrong direction. So we went for an alternative program today: swimming in the waterhole, native songs and roasted goat.


Wednesday, 28-November-2007 - day 5    

No task today.
We were early at take off and ready to go, but the northeasterly wind on take off picked up to 50 km/h max.
Only Pablo Lopez a really good acro pilot dared to take off into rotor half way down the mountain. The cloud streets looked great, the convergence line developed some km to the west in front of the mountain, this probably also was the reason for the really strong tail wind at take off.
We wished to be able to winch tow from the flatlands into this great looking sky.


Tuesday, 27-November-2007 - day 4    

No record day today. Overdevelopment about 100 km west of us and easterly wind (from behind) at the take off. The window was opened at 11:40 for a task with 2 free choosen turnpoints. The pilots had the possibility to first fly to the south to a free choosen turnpoint in maximum 82km distance and then back to the north to a free choosen turnpoint at maximum 25 km to the north and then back to the south again...

Only one pilot, Klaus Guenter Eberle DE, the leader of the 2007 XC-Open World Series, took off. At 13:30 the day was cancelled because the overdevelopment came closer and the tail wind became stronger. Now at 16:00 there is a bit of rain...


Monday, 26-November-2007 - day 3    

Sometimes it's really a shame to be late. Due to one retrieve vehicle, full with pilots, that came late, we arrived at about 10:30 at the take off. There was very little wind and small cycles were coming up. Until a task was decided and the window was open at 12:00 the northeasterly tail wind started to become strong.

Right after the briefing when the window opened there were a few minutes, when the conditions were launchable. Eduardo Sanches Granel AR and Marcelo Alaniz AR took off. After that no other pilot could take off anymore. Eduardo, who was not in the competition, because he has to work for the rest of the week flew to a new Argentinian record of 218 km landing after 6.5 hrs at 18:40.

Eduardo Sanchez Granel pointing to his landing place after his 218km record flight

Sunday, 25-November-2007 - day 2    
When we came up to launch at 10:00 am there still was a strong catabatic wind blowing down the launch. Fortunately Oreja Rodriguez who together with Rafa Lopez is the local organizer for the 2007 XC-Open World Series in Carpinteria, has built a nice confiteria (coffee shop) where we could have some food and drink. The task of the day was Open Distance to the south via two turnpoints with 5 km radius. The turnpoints should help to make the retrieve a bit easier so that the pilots fly near the road. The first turnpoint was at 82km and the second at about 160km. The window opened at 12:00 and the thermals started to come up the westerly face of the mountain range. The first pilots went on course about 30min after the window opened. In the beginning the flying was low, only 200m above the rocky mountain tops. After about 40km the climbs went all the way through to cloudbase and the racing started. A nice convergence line developped as you can see in the picture; base was in between 3.700m - 3.800m - very cold up there. During the flight I met Nikolay Shorokov from Russia several times, most of the time I was flying by myself with not many pilots ahead. At about 115km from take off Nikolay and I met again in a nice thermal, that I found because it was marked by a dust devil. Nikolay left our last thermal a bit higher and finally glided 3 km further on his Boomerang 5 to land at km 140 from take off. I took the first place in Serial Class for the day (3rd overall) on my Omega 7. We landed at 18:20, 40 min before the last task time. About 30 min after we landed Mike Christiansen from Chile passed us on his green Boom 5 and glided a bit further. In Carpinteria when you fly to the south, which is the most common route, you follow the mountain range for about 80-90 km. After that it's all flatland flying, similar conditions like in Manilla, Australia, which I am used to. The retrieve worked ok, only poor Rafa has a problem now, because the axle on his pick-up truck broke when driving back to town in the evening. Team Alemania with Klaus Günter Eberle, Dieter Münchmeyer and Hans Bausenwein should lead after first task.


Saturday, 24-November-2007 - day 1    

16:10 After a short demonstration by Pablo Lopez - one of the worlds best acro pilots - with his 16m² acro wing everybody finally was convinced, that the day still was too windy. Todays task was cancelled. The pilots who arrived this morning after a long night of driving surely weren't unhappy about this.

15:00 At the moment the wind is still strong with peaks of more than 40km/h. The winddirection is from the north-west, ideal for the Carpinteria take off. There are about 40 pilots here now waiting to fly. The view over the great plain to the west is awesome. The potential of this flying site looks really great... Let's see what the next days will provide to us.

There is a small restaurant with Internet and WiFi at the take off, 1200m above the valley, so we might put on some news about todays task right after the briefing. Generally Internet connection in Merlo/Carpinteria is not easy. There are two providers here and each one of them has a band width of only 2 Mbit available to distribute, that means when these twin-towns, that attract a lot of tourists are full in summer with 5.000 residents and 15.000 guests you can expect some serious delay when trying to connect to the www.

Friday, 23-November-2007 Registration day    
Last night we had our registration and GPS waypoint download in the Parilla Don Remigio, a typical Argentinian restaurant with a wood fire barbeque. This is our Head Quarter for the competition.
Hans Bausenwein and Rafa Lopez, the local organizer of the Carpinteria XC-Open, did the welcome and safety briefing with a power point presentation in English and Spanish. Some of the pilots are still missing because their luggage did not arrive with them in the same airplane. Others will arrive in the morning of Nov. 24th, the first competition day. There are 6 National Team pilots from Brazil here together with their team leader Arthur Lewis. The 2007 XC-Open World Series final in Carpinteria will be a small competition with only about 20-25 pilots, but there are some really good pilots here, so we look forward to see some big distance flights. For the first comp day the weather forecast looks fine with about 5 knots wind from the east at 2000m altitude, which should be no problem for launching as soon as the westerly slopes of the Comechingones mountain range, which we will fly along, start to produce thermals.

photos by Hans Bausenwein and Nikolay Shorokov



A short description of the flying area:
The twin towns of Carpinteria, pop. 5000 and Merlo, pop. 20.000 are situated about 800 km WNW of Buenos Aires at 800m on the foot of the 2100m high and 180km long Sierra de Comechingones mountain range. There is a wide plain towards the West in front of the mountains. The area is popular for holidays because of the beautiful nature and the possibility for all kinds of outdoor sports. The take off Mirador de los Condores is at 2.100m and faces SSW - NNW. Up to 10 pilots per minute can launch. You reach the Mirador by a good asphalt road. There is a restaurant at take off and Oscar Rodriguez, the owner of the restaurant and take off, together with Rafael Lopez are our local organizers of the XC-Open in Carpinteria. The landing zone is at 800m. The prevailing wind direction is from the NW. On a NW-day you fly along the Sierra de Comechingones towards the South. Cloudbase usually is around 3000m. After about 100km you continue your flight over the plains (or Pampa as it is called in Argentina). The longest flight from Mirador de los Condores is 165km, but the possibilities for long flights are much greater. All you have to do is come and fly and try for a new site record. There will be free WLAN at the take off and also in our Head Quarter. The road network is good, GSM mobile phone coverage exists, but not in all places.

We also offer a VIP-Service for a group of max. 8 Pilots
This VIP-Service includes: Pick-up and drop-off at the airport in Cordoba, the entry fee for the Carpinteria XC-Open, 9 nights accomodation in the Hotel Mirasierras, where we will have our head quarter, transport to take off, VIP-pickup and retrieval after your flight (the driver is following you in your flight). Price per person is 650 EUR. Your driver and guide Gustavo Lallana is an experienced instructor, who knows the area very well. Gustavo speaks Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch and some English. You can hire his service also for a flying trip after the XC-Open in Carpinteria.

Transport from Buenos Aires International Airport EZEIZA to Carpinteria by Bus
International flights arrive at Buenos Aires airport EZEIZA. From there you must go to the "Terminal de Omnibus Retiro" by shuttle bus service. Take one of the Bus Companies who operate to Merlo/Carpinteria.
We recommend you to take the very comfortable buses with sleeper seats. Travelling time is 10-11hrs.

Transporte Nueva Chevallier
06.00 am Basic Service <25 EUR
08.15 pm Service with cold food <27 EUR
09.15 pm Service Suite with warm food and sleeper seats <35 EUR
09.30 pm Executive Service with warm food and comfort seats <30 EUR
10.00 pm Executive Service with warm food and comfort seats <30 EUR

Express of the West
08.00 pm Basic Service <20 EUR

09.50 pm Service semi bed <25 EUR
09.30 pm Executive Service <30 EUR
Sierras Cordobesas
09.50 pm Executive Service <20 EUR
San Juan Mar del Plata
08.30 pm Executive Service <25 EUR

Information about Hotels, Posadas, Cabins and Restaurants in Carpinteria and Merlo.

Carpinteria and Merlo have a very good infrastructure for tourists. There are plenty of guest beds. The Head Quarter for the XC-Open Carpinteria will be in the Hotel Mirasierras in Merlo. We have managed to get a very good price for all pilots to be able to stay at this nice hotel. There is WLAN in the hotel and in the restaurant at take off as well.

Hotel Mirasierras prices for pilots per day during the XC-Open competition
double room 27,00 Euro  
room with 3 beds 32,00 Euro  
room with 4 beds 35,00 Euro

Apartment for 5 persons 37,00 Euro
This apartment has two rooms, one with a large double bed and one with 3 single beds plus one bathroom.

Apartment for 5 persons 39,00 Euro
This apartment has two rooms, one with a large double bed and one with 3 single beds. Each room has it's own bathroom and there is also a fully equipped kitchen and room service.

Apartment for 5 persons 30,00 Euro
This apartment is located one block from the central square.
It has two rooms and a fully equipped kitchen/eating room, cable TV, swimming pool and car port. Room service and linen is included.  

Apartment for 4 persons 27,00 Euro
This apartment is located one block from the central square.
It has one room and a fully equipped kitchen/eating room, cable TV, swimming pool and car port. Room service and linen is included.

Hotel Mirasierras   Marcelo Alaniz  Merlo - San Luis  
Tel. ++54 2656-475045
www.hotelmirasierras.com.ar email: mirasierras[at]merlo-sl.com.ar

Links to other Hotels, Posadas and Cabins  in Carpinteria and Merlo


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