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2008 XC-Open Andradas

Actual weather information

Competition results  
pdfOpen Class 1 Hector Vasquez - COL (Sol Tracer)
  2 Stephane Drouin - FRA (Mac Para Magus)
  3 Raul Penso - VEN (Niviuk Icepeak XP)
pdfWomen Joanna Di Grigoli - VEN (Gradient Avax XC 2)
pdfSerial Class Edinson Alvarez - COL (Niviuk Peak)
pdfSport Class Rainer Burger - DEU (Advance Sigma 7)
Meet Director: Luis Cruz / Competition Scorer: Durval Henke


Thursday, 25-SEP-2008    

Last competition day and task no. 6. The weather was good again with NW winds dropping off in the afternoon and changing to southwest.
Cloudbase was around 3.400 m. We had 6 optional turnpoints along the main road to the south west. The Cats Cradle type of task was very interesting with the first pilots going all the way to the furthest turnpoint, but not making it back to Andradas. Where as the later pilots took a nearer turnpoint and made it back. The complete results will be out very soon...


Wednesday, 24-SEP-2008    

Light winds from the southwest and later from the southeast provided another perfect flying day. The cloudbase was above 3.000 m. Almost all pilots made long flights. Also the only Fun Class pilot in the competition, Mexicano had a great flight of close to 90 km from take off. For sure we saw some personal bests. The pilots with the furthest flights came back very late, so the scoring for task 5 will be finished at take off before task 6, the final task of this comp will be started.

Task 5 was to a turnpoint 51 km northwest and then on to the town Batatais in 162 km distance from Pico do Gaviao in direction 320°. After 5 tasks the flight with the least points of each pilot will be dropped, because the best 4 flights of each pilot are taken for the overall scoring. We are curious to see if the ranking has changed....


Tuesday, 23-SEP-2008    
07:30 am sunshine and blue skies again with little
wind from the southwest, we expect another perfect flying day. The forecast
for Wednesday and Thursday looks very good as well with temperatures rising,
lot's of sunshine and light winds from the southeast for Wednesday and from
the east for Thursday. Pico de Gaviao has 4 take offs so we can launch in
any wind direction. Safe flights are also possible in any direction from Andradas. More later.
22:00 best distance +100 km today. The pilots with the longest flights are not back yet. During the day westerly winds picked up. Cloudbase almost 3.000m and a task to the southeast.
Monday, 22-SEP-2008    
The front has passed through. 14:30 sunshine, but still a lot of wind.
No task today, but the weather forecast for the next 3 days looks like nice flying weather for good tasks again. Today we should have a nice evening flight as well if the windspeed drops further.
Sunday, 21-SEP-2008    

at 6am in the morning, current rain ...

No task today. But we have a BBQ under the roof at Pousada Pico do Gaviao at 4pm for all competition pilots.

Saturday, 20-SEP-2008    
The day started with the same strong NE wind as yesterday with low cloud on the mountain as a result from yesterdays local shower. At 8:00 am the cloud was already dissolving and the blue sky above and sunshine appeared, promising another good flying day. The window was open at 12:40 for a task first about 30km to the east at St. Rita de Caldas and after to the southeast towards Pouse Alegre. The wind stopped almost completely and pilots launched from all sides of Pico do Gaviao. Soft thermals marked by lot's of Urubus (small vultures) made the flying easy. At 15:24 the task was stopped because a thunderstorm developed over Andradas, followed by rain in the area of the take off. The pilots are back. Hector Vasquez COL, Sol Tracer was winning the day again. The full results will be online soon...     
Friday, 19-SEP-2008    

We have another perfect flying day today. Wind speed getting slower and slower, as it was about 30 km/h strong in the morning on average. The day started with blue skys, the window was open at 12:20. Later a small instability zone developed on course, which gave some shade and tricky flying. The northeast wind had dropped to about 7 km/h, furthest distance was 65,9 km with Raul Penso VEN winning on a Niviuk Icepeak XP, closely followed with 65,8 km by Cristiano da Silva BRA on a SOL Tracer. The task was along the main highway towards Campinas. Full results will be online in a few hours.

Thursday, 18-SEP-2008    

The first competition day provided very fine flying weather, strong climbs marked by many dust devils and a cloud base of almost 3000 m. The wind started light from the south west, so a task was called to a turnpoint 51 km to the north and from there open distance along the retrieve route further to the north. The window was open at 11:40. The first pilots arrived at the turnpoint in less than 2 hrs. The wind had changed to a NW direction by then so the retrieve route was left by many pilots to fly with the wind. The longest distances so far seen were about 130 km. More tomorrow… 1 VASQUEZ, Hector (Sol Sol Tracer) COL - 127,7km
2 DA SILVA, Cristiano Ricci (Sol Sol Tracer) BRA - 114,0km
3 DROUIN, Stephane (Mac Mac Para Magus) FRA - 113,3km

Wednesday, 17-SEP-2008    

Tonight registration and welcome & safety briefing in our Head Quarter the restaurant Baiana in the main square of Andradas at 20:00 hrs. The Baiana is just a few metres up the street from the church. After a nice late flight yesterday we met with the local pilots at the Baiana for a good and inexpensive Brasilian dinner (Pizza which serves two for 5 €). The infrastructure at the take off in Andradas is incredible. A clean cut, golf grass like carpet, a huge map of the competition area with turnpoints, a car park, a kiosk, immaculately clean toilets, a first aid room and even free WLAN for all pilots. Take offs in almost every direction and lots of Urubus -small vultures- in the air, that show the pilots where the thermals are. Pico do Gaviao is probably one of the best developed flying sites in the World.

The weather forecast looks great for the next days and Luis Cruz, our competition director is prepared to provide the pilots with a fabulous competition.




A short description of the flying area Andradas

The Clube de Vôo Livre Gavião is located in Andradas, a city in Minas Gerais, about 220 km from São Paulo.
There are buses from São Paulo to Andradas every 2 hours.
The take off of the Club is very well structured, with bathrooms (male, female and for handicapped – clean and maintained at all times), infirmary, camping area, free WLAN, bar and parking lot. There are several take offs, all covered with grass, for all wind directions, allowing for several simultaneous take offs. The inclination of the slope is ideal for safe launching.

Every year there the largest paraglider competition in Brazil, with 150 pilots from many South American Countries.

The distance records are:
* Claude Lemaire – 160 km
* Alberto Lourenço and Washington Peruchi – 150 km

All region is served by a large road network, with flights in every direction above roads, and 100% cell phone coverage. We recommend to all pilots to buy a prepaid SIM card by Telemig. The flights are over flatlands, strong thermals (from 4 to 8 m/s) are constant during Cross Country. More information, pictures and videos can be seen at http://www.picodogaviao.esp.br .

Safety: There is a infirmary at the take off. There will be an ambulance with full equipment, paramedic and driver. The next helcopter is stationed at Campinas 110km away with only a short lead time. There is a mountain rescue crew as well. Have a look here .

The average prices are very reasonable.
There is a special price for pilots in the Andradas Palace Hotel and the Pousada Pico de Gavião:

Hotel or R$ 80,00 double (Euro 16,00 p.p)
Pousada: R$ 70,00 single (Euro 27,00)
Meal: R$ 10,00 (Euro 3,90)
Beer: R$ 3,50 (Euro 1,35)
Gas: R$ 2,40 / liter (Euro 0,93)
Movie: R$ 4,00 (Euro 1,55)

Exchange rate Mar.08.2008 is R$ 100 = Euro 38,51


Visit Andradas on Google maps .

Getting to Andradas by ...

Option 01 -  Luis Cruz offers a VIP-Service for a group of max. 8 Pilots
Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos >>>>(220km) >>>> Andradas
R$ 600,00 Reais  (appr. Euro 234,00 / Euro 30,00 p.p.)

Option 02 – Taxi + Autobus
Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos >>>>   20km   -R$ 30,00 (Euro 11,70 -1hr )
Terminal Rodoviário do Tietê >>>> Autobus to Andradas    220km-R$40,00 (Euro 15,60 -3,2hr)
Option 03 – Bus for group  of max. 30 Pilots
Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos >>>>(220km) >>>> Andradas
R$ 1.200,00 Reais (appr. Euro 468,00 / Euro 15,60 p.p.)

contact Luis:
SKYPE luis.air
e-mail luis.air©ig.com.br


Links to Hotels and Pousadas in Andradas

Andradas Palace Hotel
Pousada Pico do Gaviao

price for Andradas Palace Hotel or Pousada Pico de Gaviao is the same:
R$ 80,00 double (Euro 16,00 p.p)
R$ 70,00 single (Euro 27,00)

The 2008 XC-Open in Andradas, Brasil takes place from 2008-09-18 - 2008-09-25, right before the PWC in Castelo, Brasil, that takes place from September 27 - October 04. There are two days in between both competitions for travelling and registration. 

For all pilots of the Andradas XC-Open, who want to go to Castelo to fly the PWC there or just for fun, we offer free transport from Andradas to Castelo. Note: There is a minimum number of pilots required, who fly in the Andradas XC-Open, to be able to run this service.


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