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2009 XC-Open Bulgaria

Competition Results  
pdfOverall 1 Dimov, Orlin (BGR) - Advance Omega
  2 Grzech, Adam (POL) - Advance Omega 7
  3 Kowalski, Kacper (POL) - Axis Mercury 2008
pdfWomen Leonova, Anastassia (RUS) - UP Kantega 2
pdfSerial Class Grzech, Adam (POL) - Advance Omega 7
pdfSport Class Buerger, Rainer(DEU) - Advance Sigma 7
pdfFun Class Kedziak, Slawek (POL) - Axis Vega 2


Saturday, 15-AUG-2009  

no task today

due to rain showers there will be no task today.
All results are online now. Please check your results.
Protest Time until 12:15.
Prize giving at 12:30 in the restaurant opposite the Head Quarter.

All IGC tracks are available at download section.
For more fotos, see Picture Gallery from left menu.


Friday, 14-AUG-2009 


task 6
Strong conditions again, but difficult at times because of cirrus. At some moments it was difficult not to get sucked into the clouds and at other moments it was a pure fight to stay in the air as the cirrus were cutting off the thermals. The flatlands were not working and so most pilots flew along the mountain ridge. Today a new Bulgarian Record for Out and Return flight was flown by Orlin DIMOV, he flew a total of 187 km, followed by Przemyslaw WOJTKIEWICZ with 147 km and Johannes DAMISCH with 146 km, the longest flight of the day on a Serial Glider.

There was a complaint about cloud flying for task 5 which has been solved, that is why the task 5 results were not online earlier.



Thursday, 13-AUG-2009 


task 5
Postfrontal conditions as expected and not too much wind from the NW. Window was open at 11:15 for a task with 3 fee choosen turnpoints again, "full freedom" as competition director Nikolay Yotov calls it. The pilots take off at around 12:00 and many flew until last task time at 19:00. 7 pilots are flying with the SPOT device in this comp. It is very useful to find the pilot when somebody lands in an area without mobile phone coverage as it happened to Klaus-Günter Eberle today. The Polish teams are doing really well. We expect scoring distances of around 130 km. The scoring will be done in the morning...
Have a look at Suby Lutolfs picture gallery ... 


Wednesday, 12-AUG-2009 


no task today
The front was expected to pass through, so the day was cancelled. Pilots went to the hot springs in Banya and Hisarya. We got atttracted by an old Souchoi bomber plane. In the evening there was a free dinner for all pilots. Roasted Bulgarian mountain lamb and enough beer and talks to fill the evening. For tomorrow we expect post frontal weather and good flying conditions... 


Tuesday, 11-AUG-2009 


task 4
The day looks rainy, but competition director Nikolay Yotov had the hope, that it might improve so the competitors were kept on hold.
At 11:00 finally all pilots went up to take off as it got sunny. Very soon a big cover of clouds made it difficult to find thermals. It started as the day before ended.... Cloudcover, rain.... still the instability of the airmass made it possible that  Adam GRZECH PL, Advance Omega 7 made 65 km ecaping the rain. Second placed pilot was Kacper KOWALSKI PL, Axis Mercury with 64 km, third was Orlin DIMOV, BG Advance Omega Proto with 60km. 


Monday, 10-AUG-2009 


task 3
The pilots are going up the chair lift at 10:00. The forecast looks good, window open was at 11:50 again. The clouds soon developped and spread out at the 3000m inversion to create big shadows. A bit of rain made long flights difficult. Many Pilots tried to escape the overcasting into the flatlands and landed soon.
A few were lucky and saw the difference between small cumuli and the grey mass above. Some thermals were still developping in the flats despite of the rain. Day winner Johannes Damisch flew a triangle over the flatlands and was finally caught by the rain.
At 18:30 we know the task was valid. 10 pilots flew more than 30 km... furthest distance Johannes DAMISCH AT, Ozone M3 with 50 km followed by Klaus-Günter EBERLE DE, Aircross U Sport (47 Km ) and Godfrey WENNESS AU (37 Km) flying with a Advance Bi-Beta 4 Tandem! 


Sunday, 09-AUG-2009 


task 2

The day looked sunny until we arrived at the take-off. Big shadows appeared everywhere and gliders were sinking in front of the mountain. We thought about changing the gliders to umbrellas, but again patience was needed. Window Open was at 11:50. At 14:30 hrs the sun came out over the flats and some thermals pushed the pilots up to the dark cloudbase at 1.700m near to the mountain ridge.
It was a gamble of time. The fast pilots were caught by a new upcoming overcasting shadow. Those who learned from yesterday's lesson hat good conditions to fly further..... at least further than yesterday ....

Official results are online. Local Orlin DIMOV, BG Advance Omega was winning the day.
Orlin flew the first part of his flight in the mountains and switched to flatland flying when the mountain became shadowed. He returned back again when it became sunny and clear.



Saturday, 08-AUG-2009 


task 1

The first competition day. It was a day for the slow and patient pilots! At 12:00 at the Chair Lift many pilots had doubts if we should go up at all. The cloud base was very low and nearly no sun visible.

At about 14:00 hrs. it was getting sunny in the flats and the window was opened. The northerly wind which was blowing down at launch slowed down. The anabatic wind started coming up. Many pilots took the opportunity to take-off. Those who were in the air had to use every bit of lift not to land early. Some gaggles started moving east changing from mountain flying to flatland flying. About 15 km east of the take off there is the first big gap to cross following the ridge.
Many pilots tried to pass it and landed shortly after, washed down by the northerly wind blowing through this valley out into the flatlands. Some turned back to the west and could continue. Day winner Adam GRZECH, PL Advance Omega 7 was wise, having flown two comps in Sopot before. He said he tried to cross the gap before with 2500 m cloudbase, so he did not bother to try it with 1000m less.

This was the time for the late pilots which flew behind the shadows, some across the flats, which worked well, after the sun was coming out more and more!

Adam GRZECH fully used the opportunity of the XC-Open type of task concept of Open Distance via 3 free choosen turnpoints (sinilar to OLC optimisation) to fly a zig zag course to the winning distance of 52,6 km, followed by his team made Kacper KOWALSKI PL, Axis Mercury. On the third place was local Pilot Orlin DIMOV, BG Advance Omega!



A short description of the flying area

The town of Sopot, 400m asl, 10.000 inhabitants, is located 135km east of the capital Sofia at the south side of the Balkan mountain range. The Balkans offer an unspoilt nature with mostly rounded mountain tops and some rocky faces. Some of the mountains are above 2000m asl. Transport to the wide open grassy take off 850m above the valley floor is by chair lift. There is plenty of space for 50 gliders and more to launch at the same time. The flying is a combination of mountain and flatland flying. 2nd week in August offers consistant and reliable flying conditions with nice big thermals. Flights of 200km and more from Sopot in various directions have been made...

Sopot entry fee - what is included:
* Daily rides to the take off with the Shambala chair lift
* A mountain rescue team with a doctor at take off
* A competition T-Shirt is included
* A welcome party with drink is included
* A prize giving party with dinner and drinks is included
* All scoring, FAI fees for cat.2
* Daily reports on the website
* SMS teammessage Service (in case of task stop or other important info)
* Safety team (in the air and on the ground as well as in the HQ) equipped
with multiple radio stations plus mobile SMS team message service
* Daily weather and task briefings by the best experts for the area (Sky Nomad Team)
* Free WLAN at the head quarter

... And hopefully 8 good XC-flying days!

What you have to bring additionally:
Bring your 2m-band radio and a GSM mobile phone, as well as an additional radio for the retrieve vehicle of your team with a good outside car antenna.

How to come to Sopot:
There are direct flights to Sofia from most major airports in Europe. Try Wizzair and SkyEurope for low-cost flights. Also check out Air Bulgaria. They have direct flights to Madrid for the ones of you, who will go to the Piedrahita XC-Open after. As always it's best to book well in advance to get the best prices. To drive from Munich is about 1.600 km mainly on good motorways.

Transport from Sofia airport: We can arrange pick-up for you or you travel by train and bus to Sopot.

Transport and retrieve in Sopot: There are 3 minibuses with local drivers available in Sopot for 40 Euros/day plus fuel. To make a reservation for one of these minibuses contact the Skynomad Team. To rent a car in Sopot costs about 25-30 Euros/day. Hiring a local retrieve driver without car would be around 20 Euros a day.

Car rental possibilities in Sofia: Rent-a-Car Tany 97, MD-Rent-a-Car, Top-Rent-a-Car.BG, Bulgaria Car Rent, Sofia Auto Rent, Tonny Rent-a-Car Prices for 8/9 seater minibuses start from 30 Euros/day.

Accomodation possibilities in Sopot: There are traditional Bulgarian style pensions and guest houses for about 100 persons total in Sopot available. Price for B&B is 10,00 Euro per night and person. We will put some links and contacts here later or you can contact the Skynomad Team for reservations. There is also the Shterev Hotel in Sopot.

Food and drinks: Bulgaria is an agricultural country and offers a variety of tasty and natural foods. Try the famous Bulgarian red wine (about 3 Euro/bottle), yoghourt and cheeses. In many restaurants you can find traditional dishes like: Shopska Salada (tomatoes, peppers, cheese salad), Tarator (cold soup with yoghourt, cucumber, garlic), Mish-Mash (peppers, cheese, egg), Kavarma (meat with vegetables), Musaka (meet, eggs, potatoes dish) etc. Beer is good and inexpensive, about 0,50 Euro a bottle. Prices are generally low, about 1/2 to 1/3 compared to Western Europe.

More general information about Bulgaria you can find here... and also here on www.flysopot.info 

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