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2011 XC-Open Portugal

from 27.Aug. - 03.Sep. 2011
1st Location: 27 to 30th of August in Linhares da Beira 4 competition days
2nd Location: 31 of August to 3rd of September in Mirandela 4 competition days

pilots will move from Linhares da Beira to Mirandela in the morning of August 31
NEW: special entry fee for young pilots up to 28 years 99.00Euro
Competition Results (final)  
pdfOverall (serial) 1 Muller, Martin (CH) - Niviuk Peak 2
  2 Pomierski, Wojciech (PL) - Niviuk Peak 2
  3 Schaertl, Dominic (DE) - Nova Mentor 2
pdfWomen Muys, Lydia (DE) - Swing Arcus 6
pdfSport class Schaertl, Dominic (DE) - Nova Mentor 2
pdfFun class Schaertl, Dominic (DE) - Nova Mentor 2
pdfTeam Scoring  

Saturday 03-Sep-2011


SMS INFO +++ Window Open 13:15-17:00 * Takoff D01099 -> Open Distance Optimization 3TP -> LastTaskTime 18:00 +++ END SMS INFO

Last competition day in Mirandela weak conditions with a soarable westerly wind and 8/8 cloud cover in the beginning - We flew on 6 out of 8 days in Portugal in light conditions - one day was too windy. It was difficult to get valid tasks in these conditions - According to the 2011 competition rules 15% of the pilots need to be beyond 30 km to have a valid 1000 points task. For the 2012 XC-Open World Series starting with the XC-Open in Argentina in November we decided to have a valid task even after the first pilot has flown 30km. The maximum points for such a task are much lower and would give the winner only 125 points (in the case of 56 pilots like in Portugal). If 7,5% of the pilots are beyond 30km the task would be valid 500 points. With the new rules the XC-Open in Portugal would have had 4 valid tasks.

The 2011 XC-Open World Series ranking will be online soon - we do a continous ranking over the past 4 years. Results will be degrade with time with a similar formula as WPRS. 

Also read the News about the 2011 XC-Open Serra de Estrela e Mirandela here..

see you soon in Argentina

Friday 02-Sep-2011
SMS INFO +++ Window Open 13:00-17:00 * Takeoff D03095 -> Open Distance Optimization 3TP -> LastTaskTime 19:00 +++ END SMS INFO
Thursday 01-Sep-2011
SMS INFO +++ Not flyable today. Alternative activities in Mirandela after lunch. Pilots will receive SMS with time schedule +++ END SMS INFO
Wednesday 31-Aug-2011
SMS INFO +++ No task today. Maybe later free flying in Mirandela +++ END SMS INFO

Wind is too strong at the takeoff. No flying possible today. Pilots will receive SMS later with informations for tomorrow.
Tuesday 30-Aug-2011
SMS INFO +++ Window Open 11:45-15:00 * Takeoff D01116 -> Open Distance Optimization 3TP -> LastTaskTime 19:00 +++ END SMS INFO
Moday 29-Aug-2011
SMS INFO +++ Window Open 12:15-17:00 * Takeoff D01116 -> Open Distance Optimization 3TP -> LastTaskTime 19:00 +++ END SMS INFO

We drove to the take off above Linhares today, wind direction was southwest and thermals started late. The window was open from 12:00 to 17:00 so it was possible to start late or to restart if the thermals were to weak.
Many pilots launched late, did some kilometres at the ridge and then try to fly away with the wind.
The thermal top was near 1700m and the wind was really strong in the afternoon.
Todays task winner is Klaus van Bellen, he flew 44km. Second place goes to Thomas Blatter with 37km.

day winner of task 3 Klaus van Bellen, Advance Omega 8, DE reports:
Our 3rd day of the competition started with sunny skies and promising weather conditions in Linhares. After we drove up to launch the meet director Arnold Marx gave us the outlook for the day: we had to expect a slow developing day with tops reaching only about approx. +600m over launch (1700mASL). To a smaller group of people Arnold later on explained what his recommended strategy would be for the day. I especially remember him pointing out that it would be a good idea to cross the wind turbines in direction Celorico to the right and continuing towards the village of Prados and Rapa. This piece of information made it a succesful day for me (thx Arnold!)

A lot of pilots including myself launched at around 15:00 and we were greeted by uncoordinated thermals and an inversion layer at approx. 400m over launch. Following 3 or 4 unsuccessful attempts to make it trough the inversion - and convincing some other pilots to move on -  I decided to give it a try and departed towards the wind turbines on my own.

Near the first turbine I found a nice but slow thermal that gave me enough altitude to safely aim for the village of Rapa from where I continued towards the big valley with the Rio Mondego in the middle.  At the far side of the valley the IP5 highway slopes up the up the hill, which is where I cought again some very good thermals, which allowed me to continue further towards Acores.

Past the village of Acores towards Freixedas the terrain changed to flatlands with a good number of brown / dark fields which kicked off decent thermals as the day progressed. With wind speeds of 15 to 20 km/h from the west to south-west I managed to cover enough distance to eventually make it just shy of Pinhel. Likely I would have been able to continue for another couple of km but the ground suck to a nearby petrol station with a large Super Bock beer sign was too strong to resist.

Thanks again to Arnold for a great pre-flight briefing and to the super efficient retrieve team from the Linhares flying community which made this 44km flight truly enjoyable. Later on, we celebrated the day at a nice life music party and free beer sponsored by the organisation.
Sunday 28-Aug-2011
SMS INFO +++ Window Open 12:00-14:00 * Takeoff D33124 -> Open Distance Optimization 3TP -> LastTaskTime 19:00 +++ END SMS INFO

After the task was canceled at the take off near Acinha, we drove back to Linhares.
There the wind was weaker and it was possible to fly, there were some nice thermals to 1500m.
Later the wind was strong enough to soar the ridge and we had a really nice soaring day.
We took off from the upper take off, soar a few minutes and landed again at the lower take off.
It was real fun-flying and many pilots landed happy at the official landing place in the evening.
Saturday 27-Aug-2011
SMS INFO +++ Window Open 13:00-16:00 * Takeoff D35085 -> Tp1: M51035 (5km) -> Open Distance -> LastTaskTime 19:00 +++ END SMS INFO

Day Winner Marian Michlichek CZ, Advance Sigma 8 reports:
Here we go, we are on the take off for the first task of XC Open Portugal. You can feel a lot of expectations and ambitions in the air amongst more than 50 pilots. Task is set with one turn point more than 50 km south, wind is blowing from SE, well, it will not be easy. First pilots took off, but lot of them ends below on landing field. So we start to play game called parawaiting -waiting and hoping for conditions to improve. At 14:30 suddenly thermals are switched ON, first gaggle above our heads cause panic on the take off. Short queue and I fly. First thermals is nice, but about 10 gliders sharing it is too much for me, so I go right on the ridge to find my own. 2 km from take off I have it - +5 m/s and I can turn right, my preferred side. In a while at 2.300 m, looking down if I can see my friends somewhere around. I do not see them, so I set to glide to the ridge in front of me. And then it goes as expected - climb, glide, climb, glide... In front of me I saw three gliders, above Covilha we join for a while, but then we separate again. Two guys taking left path towards next ridge behind Fundao, one is behind me, and I go little bit more right, through flats. Wind is blowing still from SE, so it is not fast. I jump over the ridge with 200 meters left
, but on the south side I cannot find any good lift, so I continue to flats, which I hope will work. And they do, I slowly approaching big lake, behind which is the turn point. I do not see  anybody in the air, through radio I know my friends are approaching Fundao. I have decided to go on the right bank of the lake, which is more risky, but not straight against wind. Behind the lake I make turn point and changing my direction to SW. And suddenly is 18:30, I have to make decision - continue to glide another 5 km  and land in middle of nowhere in big forest  in front of me just before 19:00 (last task time) or return little bit and land in small town below me with good road and pub with a beer. So I vote for the second option, spiraling down, landing, sending OK message, walking and waiting in small local pub with some beers for retrieve bus. In the bus other pilots told me that I won the task. Hey, nice surprise J. 

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