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2012 Manilla XC-Camp

from 04.Feb. - 11.Feb. 2012
(8 XC-Camp Days)

Competition Results (final)  
pdfOverall (serial) 1 Jan Voegeli US Ozone Mantra M4 ML 
  2 Pierre Bourgoin FR Ozone Delta M
  3 Claus Vischer DE Ozone Mantra M4 ML
pdfWomen Gaynor Schoeman ZA Advance Omega 7/26
pdfSport class Pierre Bourgoin FR Ozone Delta M
pdfFun class Choi Lai Yin (F) HK Ozone Rush 3 S

Saturday 11-FEB-2012
The last day of the Manilla XC Camp held some promise to start with but as soon as the strong (60km/h) NW upper level winds mixed down mid morning it was game over. Two daring pilots from Hong Kong free flew before a fast storm cell hit at 13:30hrs.

The mid-afternoon presentation was held at the new HQ building with a sausage sizzle and a barrel of Eagle Mountain wine (2005 Shiraz) for the over 100 pilots and assistants. As skies cleared and the wind eased later in the day many took advantage of an epic super smooth ridge soaring into the sunset.

The final scores remained the same since Wednesday with 3 XC tasks counted over the 8 days. A total of 6 days XC flying were had and 2 afternoon ridgey soars. Despite the well below average weather every day was flyable - either XC'able (50-80kms) or ridge soarable (at the end of the day) - but for safety and competitive considerations only 3 of the XC days were deemed taskable. Over 30 pilots of the 80+ that flew reported Personal Bests over the week. There were no accidents or reserve deployments but one mid air touch was reported over launch near cloud base.

Winner in the overall rankings was first time Manilla visitor Jan Voegeli (Colorado, USA, M4, 2445pts) followed very closely by Pierre Bourgoin (Tahiti/France, Delta 2442pts) and Claus Vischer (Germany, M4, 2339pts).

Best Female was Gaynor Schoeman (Sth Africa, Omega 7, 1341pts).
Best Sport Class was Pierre Bourgoin who was in 2nd place in the overall's
Best Fun class was a very happy Cathy Choi Lai Yin (Hong Kong/China, Rush3, 1232pts)

As luck would have it the strong winds of today are heralding a weather change which will set up some potentially very good XC days for the coming week for those staying on.

The Manilla XC Camp is planned again for 2013 in conjunction with the XC Open World Series. Dates will be around 2nd - 9th Feb 2013.

Wishing everyone in the southern hemisphere some nice end of summer XC's and those in the north good weather for the soon to arrive Spring XC sessions in the Alps.

Godfrey Wenness
Friday 10-FEB-2012
Despite this morning (Day 7) looking promising, as the low level cloud burnt off a single cell formed downwind of Mt. Kaputar (1400m/asl) in line with Mt. Borah... and proceeded to drift and overdeveloped just as everyone arrived on launch with a burst of localised rain. Pilots rushed back down to avoid the potentially slippery road conditions. The day was cancelled at the subsequent briefing and pilots were treated to a reserve parachute deployment safety clinic by Ivan Anissimov (AUS).

There is one day to go for pilots to challenge the leader after 3 rounds of Jan Voegeli (USA) and the scoring is still open to the top 6-10.
Thursday 09-FEB-2012
Day 6 started with clear blue skies but CuNimb action was expected later. By the time of the on launch briefing it was evident that there would only be a narrow corridor available to safely fly downwind and the day was relegated to a free flying day to reduce competitive pressure creating bad decisions. Most pilots launched from Borah North and were soon at cloudbase and heading past Lake Keepit to the S-SW for a potential 100-120km XC day.
Wednesday 08-FEB-2012

The weak trough lingered on and early in the morning the sky was still covered with low moisture cloud. This burnt off as usual and revealed a day with potential large cells circling Mt Borah 50-100kms away. The task briefing was for a shorter day with last scoring at 4pm in order to reduce the risk of competitive pilots flying late into overdeveloped areas. It was also advised to fly within a 30kms radius of launch, a situation made possible with light winds. For the 90+ pilots this was therefore a XC race against the clock using tactics to maximise the distance flown with the 3 turn point optimization and carefully judging conditions (blue area's and cloud shadows).

Pilots generally flew along the Borah range in both directions and out/back into the flats towards Lake Keepit. Some overshadowing occurred around Borah an hour into the flying due to the cirrus of a CuNimb 50-70kms NW of launch. This caught out many that didn't plan their XC's properly.

Best distance of the day was Godfrey Wenness (Advance Omega 8 ) with 51kms taking full advantage of the 3 turnpoint optimization. Comp leader Jan Vögeli (Ozone Mantra M4 - USA) flew 47kms for 2nd place. Most flew 15-40kms in the short window to 4pm. Official scores are still pending and other class results will be noted later.

Tuesday 07-FEB-2012
A midday briefing was called to see how the weather was progressing as early alto-castellanus clouds, mid morning development and an incoming trough suggested things would get stormy. The trough slowly moved its way east but not before unleashing a few hours of impressive overdevelopment rendering the day unflyable for a XC task. The day was thus cancelled as far as scoring goes at the end of the briefing. Skies cleared in the late afternoon and a few pilots went for a cruisey evening ridge soar as the full moon rose.
Monday 06-FEB-2012
The midday on mountain weather briefing indicated some Overdevelopment lines around 70-100kms to the north and a late southerly change with a stormfront line likely after 5pm. An inversion at 1500-1800m would make things slow and some blue areas to the east and overclouding to the west meant a narrow XC line was chosen by all the pilots.

Two main gaggles of 20-30 pilots each left Mt Borah after the briefing in short succession carefully following cloud lines and avoiding blue sections. Many pilots who flew into blue areas or on long glides to decaying clouds found themselves scratching. There were reports by over a dozen pilots of amazing low saves <50m in light lift that went all the way to the 2100m cloud base - lucky for them Smile

Depending on how fast pilots flew they were able to gain around 40-50kms distance to the north before the wide line of Overdevelopment forced them to turn around or head east into the blue and scratch around the raining cells.

The best in Serial and Sport Class was Pierre Bourgoin (Tahiti) on his Ozone Delta with 91kms. He used the 3 turnpoints optimization of the XC-Open scoring to maximize out a tactical advantage and flew back and forth 2x in the section before the Overdevelopment line. Close behind on Ozone Mantra M4's was Even Nilsen (81km - Norway) and Claus Vischer (80km - Germany), the latter flew a straight line well to the NE skirting around the Overdevelopment area.

On his 3rd ever XC flight young German pilot Lucas Pütter squeezed every metre of height out of every thermal to fly his Fun Class Ozone Buzz Z3 to 43kms beating his instructor and XC-Open World Series organizer Hans Bausenwein on his GIN Boomerang GTO by 1km.

Best female was Choi Lai Yin from Hong Kong who flew her Ozone Rush 3 to 65 km and was in 14st place overall.

Today (Tuesday 7th) is on hold as the trough is providing instability and early Overdevelopment but is drifting east with clear skies just 20kms to the west.
Sunday 05-FEB-2012
Day 2 started with great Cu's and light winds tending SE-SW later in the day. Typical for humid days there were areas of large cloud spread causing shadows which pilots needed to fly around. Climbs varied from light scratchy to solid 4m/s and base rose form 1800m > 2100m at the end of the day.

Many pilots flew for 3-4hrs north towards Barraba and beyond dodging the shadows and some who did not plan correctly landed between 30-55 km. A couple of pilots first flew 5-10kms south along the Borah Range to gain extra km's in the light conditions and to use up the 3 TP's advantage available to them.

Best for the day was german pilot Gerd Mauthe on his Boomerang GTO flying well east of the shadowed areas to a lonely farm 81kms NE from Mt Borah. He got picked up by a farmer on a quad-bike, taken home for tea and cookies and helped the friendly farmer with some sheep work before his crew arrived.

In Sports class highly experienced Aussie Jerry Furnell (Factor2) and Max Stek (NL - Aspen3) flew 55kms.

Many Fun Class pilots flew over 20kms with the best being Pawel Kampczyk (PL - Mentor2) on his first ever flight in Manilla.

Gaynor Shoeman (ZAF - Omega 7) was best female with 46kms in a flight that went against the trend by tracking east of Borah landing on the 1000m high tablelands near Watsons Creek.

Another XC day is coming up and the forecast is good for the rest of the week with a chance of isolated afternoon Cu-nimbs somewhere in the region as a weak trough moves slowly by.
Saturday 04-FEB-2012
Day 1 of the Manilla XC Camp 2012 came on better than expected after over a week of rain (120mm) with major flooding in regions 160-200 km to the north west (Moree etc). The sun was shining and thermals were popping from early morning as the moist air was easily lifted by the strong summer heat creating fat Cu's everywhere.

The approx 80 pilots present were weather briefed at midday and given a free flying day. There was to be no official scoring as the clouds to the north (downwind) looked a bit dark with rain possible at around the 60-100km zone. It gave the teams a great opportunity to sort out their radio and retrieve systems with some shorter flights and easy pick ups.

Mt Borah West was on with 15-20 km/h of wind and strong cycles often making for vertical take-off's. Cloud base started at 1600m and rose to 1900m mid afternoon with climbs averaging 2-3m/s and bursts to 5m/s. No one bombed out and gradually as the wind eased more pilots flew some shorter XC's of between 10-50kms. Many came back after their XC's to take in a sunset ridge soar in classic glassy air.

The forecast for the week looks OK but not epic. If pilots can do 30-50 km on the day after a week of rains then maybe there will be some surprises in store... either way it will be a challenging week of open distance flying for the very international group of pilots that have made their way to Manilla for the event.

2012 Manilla XC-Camp, getting ready

The Welcome and Safety Briefing for all pilots and drivers will be in the Manilla RSL Club again. It will be on Friday 03 February 20:00.
Before the briefing there is a 12 AU$ Chinese Smörgasboard in the RSL starting at 18:00.

Please bring your laptop and cables for your GPS or flight instrument to be able to upload your flights to the XC-Open server during the XC-Camp. If you don't know how to do this we will explain it to you and help you with the upload and how to create a IGC file.
We recommend to use the program GPS Dump for that. GPS Dump is a free of charge software created by Norwegian Stein Sorensen to transfer waypoints, tracklogs and airspace files from and to GPS and to create the IGC file for scoring of the flight.
Prepare your flying instruments with latest Firmware/Software from the Manufacturer.
We provide also some zipWaypoints (for navigation purpuse) and if you need the zipAustralian Airspace Tamworth area (use at your own risk).

All GPS must be set to WGS 84 map format and dd°ddddd (degrees and decimals of degrees). This is especially important for communication between you and your driver. Both must talk "the same language" to find each other.

If you fly with a SPOT satellite messenger please send us your SPOT shared page link. We will put it on the XC-Open SPOT pilots website .

If you are not yet a member of the Australian Federation HGFA you are required for insurance reasons to obtain a visiting pilots membership. I can be done online here

There is free WLAN in many places in Manilla and at Godfreys farm as well.

The Manilla XC-Camp is a friendly get together and fly together meeting for all pilots who like to fly far.

Mt. Borah near Manilla in Australia is one of the best XC-flying sites in the World. It has 4 huge astro-turf-covered launches for practically every wind direction and you can also fly XC in almost every direction there. Since the 2007 World Championships in Manilla there is a 2-Wheel-Drive road to the top as well. On Nov.16 1998 Godfrey Wenness flew an Open Distance World Record of 335km from Mt. Borah. 

The entry fee is 49 Euro or 69 AU$.

what is included in the entry fee

  • You will get the participation and a XC-Camp T-Shirt
  • The scoring will be done online, similar to online contests, but with the difference that only flights of registered pilots who fly from Mt. Borah during the competition days of this Manilla XC-Camp will be scored. Upload your flight to the online scoring system on our website and you will immediately see it in the results of the day!
  • There will also be daily reports - send us your words and a picture if you made a special flight or had an interesting retrieve - we will publish it.
  • LIVE TRACKING FOR ALL PILOTS @ no extra charge. Get your live tracking device* for the XC-Camp from us and show all your friends in 10 sec tracking intervals where you and all the other pilots fly, like in Red Bull X-Alps. Follow every turn of each pilot live! Ideal as well for the retrieve driver to find his pilots using an iPad, notebook or smart phone with mobile internet connection. Pilots who use SPOT are additionally tracked by spot.xcopen.org

What is the difference between a competition and the Manilla XC-Camp? The Manilla XC-Camp is not a FAI Cat-2 competition. There is no competition director, no sign-in or sign-out and no stopping of a flying day. You and your retrieve team are entirely responsible for yourself and for your safety, like always when you fly Cross Country.

We will also have some social events for the pilots. "Talks at the camp fire" or a BBQ at the Royal Hotel with live music and also expert advice on flying from Mt. Borah and good XC-routes to take and more. As a registered pilot we will keep you updated...

(* if you lose your live tracking device or drive across it with your car, it will be charged at 235 Euros. The live tracking devices only will work during the dates of the XC-Camp. You must supply AA batteries yourself - battery live is 20 hrs.)

Thanks for making this XC-Camp possible to:

    Manilla Sky-Sailors Club
    Godfrey Wenness


Manilla accommodation contacts
Have a look at the Manilla Sky Sailors Club website for information about accomodation in Manilla...
What is urgently recommended for flying in Manilla
A mobile phone which has 3G UMTS capability on the Australian Telstra NextG system (850Mhz) - eg : Nokia E51, N95, I-Phone 3 or 4 and many other modern smart phones... There is NO GSM phone coverage in the Manilla flying area!
Purchase a NextG prepaid SIM card at any Telstra Shop or Post Office....or if you don't have a compatible phone then you can buy a cheap NextG phone for around A$100 including some credit for calls.
Don't fly XC without phone or radio.

SPOT Satellite Tracking System
We recommend all pilots to use a Satelite Tracking System (SPOT)


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