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2012 XC-Open Portugal

from 25.Aug. - 01.Sep. 2012
Location: Mirandela 8 competition days
special entry fee for young pilots up to 28 years 99.00Euro

Information about the flying sites in Mirandela you find here... and on paraglidingearth
The Headquarter of the competition in Mirandela will be in the club house of the Aeroclube Mirandela at the airfield.

Competition Results (final)  
pdfOverall (serial) 1 Michael Guisolan CH (Niviuk Artik 3 25 Race)
  2 Jacek Profus PL (Dudek Coden 25.)
  3 Martin Lauk DE (UP Summit XC 2 SM)
pdfWomen Claire Kiwus DE (Airwave Sport 4 S)
pdfSport class Michael Guisolan CH (Niviuk Artik 3 25 Race)
pdfFun class Andy Jaxa-Rozen PL (Dudek Optic 2)

Friday 31-AUG-2012








23:30: With the seen forecast for tomorrow, we think the chance for a task is too low due to strong wind. It might still possible to go for local flying. We decided to make the trophy giving ceremony tonight anc cancel the last task.

18:00: Hi there. Don't forget official dinner with party at the HQ at airfield at 21:00.
Bus at hotel at 20:45. See you there.

10:30 Briefing at the airfield: Today no task but (flying-)site seeing to Freixo de Espada a Cinta at the Douro River. The wind was too strong again for flying, so we went down into the Douro river gorge for a nice swim in the river and a visit of the 11th century town of Freixo de Espada a Cinta. The Doro River is the border to Spain.

+++ SMS: Bus at Hotel at 09:45am. Please be at HQ at 10:00. +++


Thursday 30-AUG-2012

No Task today - the wind is strong in Montealegre takeoff. Some pilots fly locally and land in the official landing field of the World Championship flying site.

+++SMS: DIFFERENT SCHEDULE, Bus at Hotel at 08:45 am. Be at HQ at 09:00. Today's Take Off is Montealegre on the Spanish border.+++

Wednesday 29-AUG-2012

+++SMS: 20:00 All pilots retrieved to Mirandela in time for dinner. Longest flight today until now by Michael Guisolan CH about 75km...

++SMS: Bus at Hotel at 09:45 am. Please be at HQ at 10:00. +++

Tuesday 28-AUG-2012

23:00 All pilots retrieved to Mirandela. Longest flight about 120km by Michael Guisolan.

+++SMS: Takeoff D0, WindowOpen13:00, WindowClose 16:00, LastTaskTime 19:00, Task 3TP optimization+++

Monday 27-AUG-2012

Today no valid task, the furthest flight was by Pierre van Bragt about 20 km.
No pilot could reach the Nominal Distance of 30km.

Sunday 26-AUG-2012

+++SMS: Takeoff D04091, WindowOpen 13:15, WindowClose 16:30, LastTaskTime 19:00, Task 3TP optimization+++

Congratulations to the day winners
- Martin Lauk DE (UP Summit XC2)
- Przemyslaw Wojtkiewicz PL (Ozone Mantra M4)
- Andy Jaxa-Rozen PL (Dudek Optic)

A great achievement for Andy who's legs are paralyzed and who launches with the help of his friends. Once he is airborne he can enjoy his flight like all of us. Thank's to the perfect retrieve organization in the Mirandela XC-Open by Team WIND using live trackers for all pilots and retrieve cars Andy is able to fly in this competition as well.

Saturday 25-AUG-2012
The wind was still too strong today at Bornes takeoff, so the task is cancelled for today. Next Briefing 09:30 26-Aug, at Mirandela airfield.

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