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Tutorial: GPS usage, technical notes

Important GPS Technical Notes to know

Because of technical and practical reasons (GPS cable, protocol and scoring software),
only some particular GPS models and GPS firmware versions can be accepted by XC-Open World Series
for uploading waypoints and downloading tracks.

We will provide cables for most common GPS models like Bräuniger Compeo and Flytec series, Garmin USB and old style cable, XC-Trainer, Top Navigator, MLR and some others, but to be sure, that all pilots can be scored:
All pilots must bring their own GPS cables for downloading by default.
All pilots must make sure, that they have a GPS, which will record 3-D trackpoints including altitude data.
All pilots must make sure, that the GPS will generate a constant tracklog with a time intervall of 10 to 20 seconds.
Setting a tracklog interval of less then 10sec makes no sense for Open Distance XC flying.
It just takes more time during download while other pilots are waiting behind you.
Non-Accepted GPS models are:
o Older Garmin models (like the 12 serie, 48, 90, 90xl, II+, III).
o Garmin 38, 40, 45, II, eTrex basic models and eMap
o Garmin Colorado/Oregon series
o All other GPS / Loggers not complying with Garmin, MLR , Top Navigator or Compeo standard protocols.
USB based GPS are only accepted if they comply with the USB mass storage standard and IGC file format with digital signature.
o GPS/Loggers with required Bluetooth pairing connections
o Smartphones/PDAs

Non-accepted models do not necessarily mean, you cannot fly and score with them.Wink

It means only, that the XC-Open scorer and organization is not responsible to download your track from your device.
You can download your GPS/Logger anytime yourself and provide the IGC file to the XC-Open scorer.
If you are ansure, contact us, so you can prepare yourself early.

Listen to the Welcome and Safety Briefing before the competition for more details.
The IGC file must have a digital signature (GRecord) generated by the Hardware (Logger) or
generated by the Software MaxPunkte Version 6 and higher or by GPSDUMP version 4.23 and higher.

ERASE YOUR previous flights OLD TRACK LOG FROM GPS BEFORE YOU TAKE OFF (even restarts).

Your GPS Instrument Settings must have this setup:

dd° mm.mmm(degrees, minutes, decimals of minutes)

Pilots will report the exact Landing Coordinate.
Sent SMS Report Back with this format below (the text between the ---- lines).
pilot 1234 N46*34.730E004*27.650 safe
if you do not have a * at your phone, you can use # instead
The format is "pilot pilotnumber coordinates any text info"

The used Report Back numbers we will announce during pilot and safety briefing.

Additional we announce possible WLAN hotspots at XC-Open Locations during the Welcome and Safety briefing.

You can find the recommended freeware software at the FAI WXC Software Webpage.

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