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Tutorial: How to use the XC-Open Online Scoring


... There will be several pilots present during each XC-Open competition, who will be willing and able to help you and show you how to use the XC-Open Online Scoring. However it is still the best if you learn how to do it yourself before coming to a XC-Open competition.

The XC-Open scoring formula is easy to understand: The recommended task is Open Distance optimized via 3 waypoints. The distance of your flight will automatically be scored following it's 4 longest parts, the total km's of these 4 longest legs of your flight will be calculated. The pilot with the longest flight of the day scores 1000 points, the score of the other pilots is a linear proportion of the lengths of their flights in relation to the longest flight of the day.
We recommend to use the free of charge program GPS-Dump for downloading your tracklog from the GPS to a computer and to create a so called IGC-file (International Gliding Commission) from the tracklog of your GPS. You must have a cable to connect your GPS with a computer (not necessarily your own computer). Your GPS or data-logger should be setup, to record a trackpoint every 10 seconds and the trackpoint must contain altitude information. GPS-Dump also exists as GPS-Dump for Mac and as GPS-Dump for Linux.
If you prefer to use a i-Phone or other smartphone or system you must use other software instead of GPS-Dump. All alternative software which is FAI approved is listed here. Other software is not approved, no exception.
After you have created a IGC file from your GPS, you can check the validation online here-> click on "validation web form" link.
This is a free service to check, if your IGC file has been correctly generated by your software and is ready to be used for the various Online Contest systems. This check is not necessary if you use GPS-Dump.

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