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Cross Country Magazine 143 - PWC in Sun Valley USA

Quote from Cross Country Magazine 143 about the PWC in Sun Valley USA:...
"British pilot Guy Anderson went missing in the final task and wasn't found for 48 hrs. A large well-coordinated rescue effort swung into action and after a major search involving helicopters, planes and 100 volunteers on foot, horseback, bike and dirt bike, Guy 49 was found alive, but injured after taking a low-level deflation, that spun him into the hill in a remote area. He was found walking out - despite a broken pelvis, ribs and shoulder he had walked 2 miles in 2 days, taking 3-inch steps while using a large stick as a crutch.... The incident shone a light on the apparent shortcomings of the PWCA's tracking system which depends on mobile phone coverage. In Guys case this failed... In comparison a second pilot who landed a long way out was using the satellite-based SPOT messenger system and was found safely after a few hours."

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