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FAQ: When are the results published to FAI/CIVL WPRS system ?

The overall competition results are posted over eMail to FAI/CIVL, as this is the only one possible way today. We will process this eMail soon within a timeframe of 5 working days after the last competition day. If we will get no eMail response from FAI, we will retry again after 4-5 days and so on.
The major issue is, that WPRS FAI/CIVL Database is not working in real time mode. The WPRS list will be generated by WPRS admin only 1 times per month. Exact on first day of a month. WPRS Webpages are today not a Onlinecontest System like LeonardoXC or OLC.
If a competition end at a 1st of month, the results will be forwarded to FAI on 5th of month.
If there is no problem, results are visible on next monthly update.
If we will be aware, that on first WPRS update results are not included on FAI WPRS, we will complain and sending results again. This will have the effect that due to monthly scedule, next update on WPRS is seen 2 month later.

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